dbExpress 6.1.0 possible regression

dbExpress 6.1.0 possible regression


After updating our Delphi 11.3 application from the 6.0.3  of dbExpress to 6.1.0 for Firebird (v. 4.0.4) a problem occurred:

Sample code:

  1. Query.SQL.Text := 'select * from TableX order by KeyField';
    Query.First; // not needed; only for readability
    while not Query.EOF do begin
       Connection.ExecuteDirect('update TableX set FieldX = 33 '+
                                                     'where KeyField = '''+Query.FieldByName('KeyField').AsString+''''); 

The loop is exited after the first record is processed even if there are many records in the table.

The query has obviously changed due to the update - which only changed the data (not the primary keys) of the record. This did not happen in all previous versions of the dbExpress library mentioned.

Thanks for your help.

Muwaffaq Arab
Alaghar Information Technologies