Entity Developer - Changes lost on "Update Model from Database"

Entity Developer - Changes lost on "Update Model from Database"


I have a large SQL Server 2019 database with thousands of tables generating an EF Core Model (.NET 8). 

When i created the model, some association endpoints are generated with names like "table_fieldname1, table_fieldname2" which is okay (usually, when there is more than one key pointing to the foreign table). I then change some of the associations for easier usage (change the "Misc End1 / End2" on the associations to simpler names).

Everything works fine until i try to do a "update model from database" again after restarting the application. Even if i don't chose any tables or options to update, all changes are revoked and it regenerates the initial endpoint names. This does not happen if i don't restart the application. Without the restart, the changes are kept, even if i do the "update model from database" process again (with or without changes).

Process to reproduce for me:
I chose "update model from database", the wizard first asks for the connection, which i have to provide after every program start. Next page asks for the schemas - i chose "dbo". Then it is retrieving the changes and i'm asked to check what i want to update. I make sure that everything is unchecked (usually i want to update something very specific like a new table or a new field in an existing table) and finish the process. After this the changes are lost and the old names are regenerated. 

I can now do the changes again, even update through the process and everything will work until i restart the program.

Is there any way to not lose the changes? Is there some option i'm missing or some information which needs to be kept? Is it the loss of the connection data? It should only change/regenerate the tables and objects which are chosen, not everything.

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