MultiSubnetFailover not working

MultiSubnetFailover not working


We have got your latest DB Express Driver for SQL Server. We want to deploy our application on SQL Server High availability server, however we are not able to get it working with your latest driver version 9.2

We are setting connection parameters as following

     SQLDB := TSQLConnection.Create(nil);
     SQLDB.LoginPrompt := False;
     SQLDB.ConnectionName := 'MSSQLConnection';
     SQLDB.DriverName := 'DevartSQLServer';
     SQLDB.GetDriverFunc := 'getSQLDriverSQLServer';
     SQLDB.LibraryName := 'dbexpsda41.dll';
     SQLDB.VendorLib := 'sqlncli11';
     SQLDB.Params.Values['Database'] := Edit2.Text;
     SQLDB.Params.Values['Hostname'] := Edit1.Text;
     SQLDB.Params.Values['User_name'] := Edit3.Text;
     SQLDB.Params.Values['Password'] := Edit4.Text;


Please can you confirm if this works as this is not working on our side
The error message we get back is: Unable to complete login process due to delay in opening server connection