Salesforce ODBC driver - select from ContentDocumentLink slow buggy

Salesforce ODBC driver - select from ContentDocumentLink slow buggy


I am running this simple query in SSMS via a linked server against the ContentDocumentLink table.  It its not only EXTREMEMLY slow, bit it does not respect the LIMIT clause and keeps slowly pulling more records into the output window maybe 30 seconds just to how 100 records.  Seeing as I have 98,000 records to download, this is going to take quite a while. 

SSMS Query:

If I run the same query "SELECT Id FROM ContentDocumentLink LIMIT 200" in the SOQL dev console, it runs sub-second.   I am using my same username for ODBC authentication and running in dev console.

- I run dozens of other queries against other tables using the same linked server connection and they work just fine.
- I also ran this same query against 3 different Salesforce linked server environments and get this same result for all of them, so this seems to be something specific to the ContentDocumentLink table?
- I tried restarting the SQL Server and that did not clear it up.
- On the same machine, I used MS Access to query this table and it basically freezes up, but other tables work fine.
- It shows I'm using 3.3.0 version.

Any ideas is greatly appreciated!