SecureBridge "Trial expired" right after install

SecureBridge "Trial expired" right after install

Newly-downloaded SecureBridge is giving "Trial period has expired" message.

I just downloaded SecureBridge for Delphi 12 and installed it. (2024-02-09)  I loaded and compiled demo SFTPClient and ran it.

In the SSH configuration area I filled in server address, port etc, and hit the Connect SSH button. That brings up the "Trial period has expired" message. 

I do have some other DevArt components installed (paid license) in Delphi 11.something which is also installed on the same PC.  But I'm assuming that the trial time is separate for each DevArt component?

I see that I downloaded an earlier version of SecureBridge (version 26) back in Feb 2020. I don't recall what component I was evaluating at the time, and I did not purchase a license at that time.

Anyhow, I need to try out this component, so I'm hoping to get the trial working.