SFTP Server

SFTP Server

I have an IP camera which can send events to an SFTP server. In the camera configuration I can set the target, port, username and password.

The target is set to sftp:// (port = 22). The username and password are both set to WBCam1. is the machine I am running the server on. The camera is on the same LAN.

I have written an application with three components:

    SFTPServer: TScSFTPServer;
    SSHServer: TScSSHServer;
    ScFileStorage: TScFileStorage;

In the FileStorage component I created an RSA key and a user WBCam1 with password WBCam1. I assigned the key to the KeyNameRSA property of the SSHServer component. I have assigned an event handler to every event of every component. After starting the server I take a photo with the camera and the following events are generated:

Server OnBeforeClientConnect
Server OnAfterClientConnect
Server OnBeforeChannelConnect
Server SSHServerAfterChannelDisconnect
Server OnAfterClientDisconnect

After the GetAbsolutePath event the server disconnects. No file is saved.

I have also tried the SimpleSSHServer project in the Demos folder without success.

Can you suggest anything I could try please?