Timestamp with TZ field date shifted +66 hours

Timestamp with TZ field date shifted +66 hours


Please connect as SYS with direct TCP/IP to an Oracle 19c database.

Use an TOraQuery  with the following SQL:

select /*+first_rows*/ ORIGINATING_TIMESTAMP,
HOST_ADDRESS, container_name, module_id, process_id,
from v$diag_alert_ext
where component_id like '%rdbms%'
order by originating_timestamp desc

This displays the Oracle alert log. The column ORIGINATING_TIMESTAMP always should be in the past.
When you run this, it is about two days in the future.

When debugging you can see that the timezone shift is "+66" hours.
A shift of "+01" for Berlin would be what I expect.

With Oracle client it works OK.

Please help.

PS.: I am using Delphi 12 and ODAC 13.1.0. It was the same in ODAC 13.0.0.