**WARNING**: DO NOT INSTALL version 10.0.46 - usability is dead!

**WARNING**: DO NOT INSTALL version 10.0.46 - usability is dead!

hi there,

you might have seen the latest update with tons of changes and maybe, like me, you were super happy in the first place to realize, that the team did a great job fixing so many bugs and adding new features.
but after using the new version for only a few minutes, you will realize, that this update broke every existing perfect usability completely!

i give you examples:

clicking 5 times on the same table:

BEFOREone tab with the name of the table in the tabs name 



that is insane. there is no longer a simple way to open a table with its name in the tab.
instead you get tons of nameless "SQLX.sql" tabs and soon or later you have 50 tabs open
everyone of them called "SQLX.sql" without knowing which tab belongs to which table.

so in other words: 

before this update you opened (clicked on the table in the tree) tables, lets say we have tables with the name:

- products
- attributes
- prizes

before the update:

you will have 3 tabs, each tab shows the name of the table: THAT'S PERFECT, as it has been all the time!


you have this:

- SQL1.sql
- SQL2.sql
- SQL3.sql

come one, who had this brilliant idea to change that ? 
that makes working impossible without ending with 100 tabs at the end of the day without knowing which tab represents which table.

they only way going "half way back" is to change the opening mode to "edit mode" (which is totally stupid)
and then you have to make a 2nd click on "Data". 

this is super worse: you open the table in edit mode because you only want to see data.

guess you are clicking 30 times a day into the table "products" because you are checking some stuff.

BEFORE:  one tab with the name "products"

NOW:  SQL1.sql, SQL2.sql, SQL3.sql, SQL4.sql, SQL5.sql, SQL6.sql, SQL7.sql, SQL8.sql, SQL9.sql, SQL10.sql, SQL11.sql, SQL12.sql, SQL13.sql, SQL14.sql, SQL15.sql, SQL16.sql, SQL17.sql, SQL18.sql, SQL19.sql, SQL20.sql, SQL21.sql, SQL22.sql, SQL23.sql, SQL24.sql, SQL25.sql, SQL26.sql, SQL27.sql, SQL28.sql, SQL29.sql, SQL30.sql ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?
i don´t know who at devart had the idea to change that, but this guy never worked with that tool, that's for sure !

next example of how these updates completely destroyed the usability:

it´s a user's daily business to run a query multiple times because the user is waiting for a change in the data. so let's say you have a hotkey with "CTRL+C" to run the query where your cursor is:

BEFORECTRL+C, CTRL+C, CTRL+C, CTRL+C (ah, finally, there is my result I want to see)


grab the mouse, go back to the edit window, left mouse-click
grab the mouse, go back to the edit window, left mouse-click
grab the mouse, go back to the edit window, left mouse-click
grab the mouse, go back to the edit window, left mouse-click
grab the mouse, go back to the edit window, left mouse-click


why the hell does the focus change from edit to data window once I fired my query ?
WHY ? WTF !?!?!?! 

again: the person who is responsible for such changes has never worked with a SQL client, for sure !

besides this TERRIBLE BREAKING CHANGES I noticed other issues, but these ISSUES I explained here
are reason enough for me to consider switching to another tool - even I paid till 2026  - because I cannot work like that.

BEFORE the update: the usability was perfect, it has been perfect, all that years!

dbforge is one of the best windows SQL clients on this planet! but with these changes, the usability got so terribly destroyed, I don´t want and I cannot work like that!

it´s unbelievable why a nearly perfect product gets destroyed by people who obviously never use such a  tool for many hours daily. 

i am working the whole day with that tool. that´s why I paid for the professional version, I just want to explain so you people don´t think I am just hating here. 

i am the biggest fan , I ever was, since day one !

but this update is the worst change in usability I have ever seen in any product in my life.
sounds crazy, but it is. 

making things better is great, but removing or changing the basics of a software without even asking the power users and the community, is the worst a company can do !
the "low end users" using dbforge 10min a day - they will not care, for sure.
but the problem is, dbforge is selling something with the name "professional" in it.
and of course there are less professionals than "regular users", which is makes it hard
for the professionals to raise the voice and explain problems like these because devart
always can say: 

"hey, what´s the deal. you are the only one complaining here"

such situations are super frustrating ;-((

I really pray to god (even I don't believe in that) that the right people at devart understand and realize what they have done with this update and make a revert as soon as possible !

if someone at devart still believes that someone ever wants to work like that (all the stuff I explained), so please make it optional. if you think a "regular user" wants to work like that, okay, so be it.

BUT PLEASE give the power users the old behavior back !

- tabs with a meaningful name
- not opening the same tab 100 times
- let the focus stay where my cursor is !!
- open a table by clicking on it like before the update without having a "SQLx.sql" tab

pardon to bring so much emotions into this, but again, please try to feel with me,
I am using this tool 12 hours a day - and these changes make it impossible to work with!

i am now forced to downgrade and pray to every god that might be out there, in hope,
the good people at devart (except the crazy one who is responsible for such terrible changes)
will realize, what they did to their great product (as it was before the update).

with all my respect and hope,