PostgreSQL SSL NuGets

PostgreSQL SSL NuGets

The SSL connection is implemented in the assemblies shipped with installation, but not in NuGet packages.


So, you should add to the project these assemblies:









There is ConnectionString Property related to SSL:



The location of the authority SSL certificate.

Ssl Cert

The location of the client SSL certificate.

Ssl Cipher List

The list of ciphers that client agrees to use.

Ssl Key

The location of the user's private key.

Ssl Mode

SSL connection priority. May be Disable, Allow, Prefer, and Require. The default value is Disable, which means that only an unencrypted SSL connection will be attempted.

SSL TLS Protocol

Specifies the maximal TLS version to report to the server when establishing a connection. Supported values are "1.0", "1.1", and "1.2". The default value is "1.1".


See also: SslOptions Property

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